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Company Overview
Improving Medication Use...One of the Biggest Opportunities in Health Care

Prescription medications can prevent or slow the progression of disease, improve health outcomes, and lower costs...if they are taken correctly as directed.

Underuse, overuse, and mis-use of prescription drugs account for 30% of preventable health care costs. The health care industry has largely reacted to medication problems after they occur. But today, patients’ future medication use can be reliably predicted.

RxAnte helps health care organizations improve health and reduce preventable health care costs for millions of people. Our patent-pending analytics platform turns ordinary health care data into better prescription drug use, multiplying the effects of population medication management programs.

Arising from decades of academic research, and developed by leading experts in the field, RxAnte has developed a patent-pending suite of analytics that:

  • Measures and targets opportunities to improve outcomes by improving medication use
  • Predicts medication use at the patient level
  • Prioritizes and targets the most cost-effective intervention(s) available for each patient
  • Equips health-care professionals and other members of the care team with the information needed to engage each patient for optimal medication use
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of adherence programs

Big Expertise + Big Analytics = Big Impact

Founded by clinicians and researchers who are national experts in the field of medication use, RxAnte is redefining how to improve medication use, starting with patient adherence. Our founders authored or contributed to many of the industry’s pharmacy quality measures and conducted award-winning research to describe the patterns and predictors of appropriate use, the clinical and economic impacts, and helped dozens of health care organizations develop and evaluate care improvement programs. Please visit the RxAnte Lab to read more about some of our groundbreaking publications.