Predict. Decide. Learn.®

You have access to data that will predict the future. All you need are the tools and expertise to help you unlock it.

RxAnte’s patent-pending analytics platform uses readily available claims, clinical data, and intervention encounter data to produce accurate predictions of patient behavior and outcomes. We generate predictions about future medication use, medical cost, intervention receptivity, and other key metrics.

Since 2012, we have:
> Managed medication use for more than 36 million patients nationwide
> Generated more than 300 million predictive scores
> Produced hundreds of client reports, performance forecasts, and patient lists

RxAnte’s analytics platform produces proprietary scores and customized metrics for each unique client’s population, including:

Adherence Score™

RxAnte’s Value of Future
Adherence Score™

RxAnte's Risk of Unsafe
Use Score

Predicts the likelihood that an individual patient will be adherent to a particular therapy in the future, as early as the first time the patient takes a new medication.

Predicts the total future medical costs that can be avoided by improving individuals’ adherence and medication use.

Predicts adverse medication-related outcomes to pinpoint which patients are at risk of future unsafe use of prescription opioids and other powerful medications.

The RxAnte Value of Intervention Score

Predicts the likelihood that each individual patient will be responsive to particular intervention programs.

RxAnte’s workflow and clinical outreach solutions are powered by our patent-pending predictive and decision analytics platform.


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