How do you influence the most important metrics in healthcare?

Know the future. Then change it.

Improving medication use at a population level requires a targeted, tailored approach.

RxAnte’s advanced analytics are designed to optimize drug therapy outcomes. We apply advanced methods to claims, clinical, and intervention data to predict individuals’ risk of specific medication outcomes, quantify the financial value of better medication use, and assess individuals’ receptivity to intervention.

RxAnte prioritizes individuals for intervention based on risk, receptivity, and urgency.

Our solutions determine which patients are at risk, forecast, and monitor drug therapy outcomes, customize individual-level intervention recommendations, and deploy effective, timely and cost-efficient interventions.

Our approach includes:

Predictive analytics to forecast measure performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and assign interventions to at-risk patients based on risk, urgency, and predicted receptivity to intervention.
A unique, web-based workflow solution designed to assist care coordinators, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other providers who conduct telephone and/or face-to-face interventions to optimize selected drug therapy outcomes for high-priority patients.
Clinical intervention programs
including live and automated clinical outreach calls that are tailored to meet patients’ unique drug therapy needs and preferences, enabling an end-to-end suite of solutions for clients.

RxAnte has deployed these tools successfully on behalf of millions of unique patients and providers.

Our solutions work. Our clients’ rates of improvement in medication-related outcomes significantly exceed comparable industry benchmarks.

We guarantee our results. We accept accountability for the outcomes we manage, including our accuracy, data security, and clinical outcomes.

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