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Our Approach
The RxAnte Difference

Our technology results in more targeted, more effective, and more efficient drug therapy management programs to improve the use of prescription medications for large populations of patients. Our products use accurate predictions about future medication outcomes to provide each member of the care team with “just enough” and “just in time” information to facilitate more personalized care for individuals and better outcomes for populations.

Right Patients, Right Interventions, Right Time

An objective partner

RxAnte exists to help health care organizations provide personalized medication support to patients to improve medication outcomes We embrace this challenge objectively, recognizing that patient behaviors and available interventions vary. We customize our predictive analytics, intervention decision support, and management solutions to get the most out of our clients’ adherence improvement programs.

Applying the science of medication use

Our mantra is rooted in the scientific evidence on medication adherence, and is confirmed by our own experience: The Right Patients * The Right Interventions * The Right Time

Right Patients. Many patients will take medications correctly on their own. The exact percentage varies, but 20-60% of those who start a chronic medicine will be highly adherent one year later – so blanket approaches are unnecessary and wasteful. RxAnte identifies the patients who will need support ex ante – before adherence patterns are determined.

Right Interventions. The most effective interventions can also be the most costly or disruptive to clinical workflow. RxAnte matches the intensity of the intervention to the personalized needs of each individual patient.

Right Time. Medication non-adherence is easier to prevent than treat. Most people who stop a new medication do so in the first 3-6 months, and getting them back on track can be difficult. RxAnte’s approach is patient-centered and predictive, recommending the right level of support for each patient, for each medication regimen, and for each stage of therapy.