Improving medication use is difficult.

RxAnte can help.

You need the right approach, analytics, and interventions to improve medication use.

RxAnte’s solutions are designed to optimize how medication use improves quality measure performance, increases program efficiency, and reduces medical costs.

Powered by RxAnte analytics, RxAnte delivers the customized strategy, advanced analytics, and effective clinical interventions our clients need to drive better medication use in the populations they serve.

RxAnte’s Analytics

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Facilitate the design, monitoring, and management of selected drug therapies, including population-level performance forecasts, intervention simulation and planning tools, and patient-level intervention assignment and prioritization based on risk, receptivity, and urgency. Client-specific interventions, business rules, budget, and operational constraints, with drill-downs at the contract, prescriber, practice, pharmacy, and patient levels can be included. In addition, program monitoring and evaluation metrics allow for timely management of clients’ intervention portfolio.

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An innovative, easy-to-use web-based workflow solution used by care coordinators, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and other providers conducting telephone and/or face-to-face interventions to optimize selected drug therapy outcomes for at-risk patients. RxEffect can be customized to support each clients’ specific drug therapy and care management goals, incorporates patient-reported data, and promotes ongoing management and monitoring of high-risk patients.

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Intervention Programs

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RxAnte delivers interactive voice response programs, live clinical telephonic outreach including adherence counseling and MTM, and other interventions to help our clients achieve their population-level drug therapy goals.

It is Easy to Get Started with RxAnte

RxAnte’s solutions are designed to provide simple, fast implementation, so you can start improving medication use right away. Our programs can be licensed individually to complement existing capabilities or combined to deliver a complete population health improvement program. RxAnte’s products support millions of individual patients using our HIPAA compliant, SOC-II certified infrastructure that ensures the highest levels of security for our client’s data.

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