Heading into the new year, we often see health plans use the same strategy to improve member medication adherence; however, executing a plan with unchanged tactics can result in these same familiar challenges:

  • Administrative overload: With no insight into program performance, it is difficult to use your data to assess performance until it may be too late or difficult to influence member adherence. Additionally, relying on redundant reporting efforts or lacking access to real-time monitoring may result in inefficient workflows and inaccurate or outdated information.
  • Ineffective or counterproductive interventions: Similarly, using an identical intervention strategy year over year can cause member abrasion and outreach fatigue. What worked in the past may not create the same results as your population mix evolves over time. Considering member receptivity and the overall value of intervention is a critical piece to targeting the right person at the right time to achieve the greatest impact.
  • Racing to the finish: It’s common for health plans to seek help reaching their highest-priority patients when the Star Ratings season is nearly over. Rather than waiting until the end of the year to influence change, it’s critical to stagger your intervention approach so you can anticipate your performance throughout the year.
  • Rising cut points and unpredictable changes set by CMS: Each year, cut points continue to fluctuate and weighted-measures evolve to include new therapy areas. It’s necessary to stay ahead of the game and adapt to achieve yearly improvement despite these inevitable occurrences.

There are a number of enhancements that can be made to your existing processes to help improve your ability to achieve your unique pharmacy quality goals.

Begin transforming your adherence performance today

Here are three impactful tactics to start improving member medication adherence in 2020.

1. Workflow platforms

RxAnte has regularly made enhancements to RxEffect, our adherence workflow solution, to specifically address the challenges noted above. By using patented RxAnte analytics, RxEffect automates the distribution of member targeting lists to intervention teams across your organization and provides a visual, execution-focused user experience that delivers the right context to enable highly effective adherence outreach. Learn more about our powerful solution platform by reading our four-week series.

2. Update your blend of interventions:

Over the past seven years, we’ve seen how intervention strategies have changed to include mail orders, automated calls, and SMS text reminders. By expanding your method of outreach, you can reach a broader population and impact more members than ever before. With our advanced analytics and targeting, we can help you adjust your intervention portfolio without creating more strain on internal resources.

3. Timing:

Even with a good mix of interventions, it’s important to consider changing the methods of outreach based on the time of year as you approach the end of the Star Ratings period. By reaching members at the right time throughout the year, you can impact the greatest volume of your population, with the highest priority members.

How can we help you achieve your 2020 pharmacy quality goals through our innovative approach? Contact us. Regardless of where your program stands today, learn more about how you can improve your medication adherence strategy. See below for some of our previous posts: