RxAnte will be participating in a 60-minute Rapid Fire presentation at the upcoming 2021 Health Datapalooza and National Health Policy Conference (HDNHPC).

The HDNHPC will take place from February 16-18 as experts in health data, health policy, and health innovation gather to discuss current challenges and opportunities in healthcare. For more information on HDNHPC and to register to attend, visit the HDNHPC website.

During an hour-long rapid fire session on February 18, 2:30-3:30, Josh Benner, PharmD, ScD, CEO of RxAnte, will contribute insights in a presentation titled “Leveraging Therapeutic Decision Support to Drive Outcomes for Complex Medicare Members.” This 8-minute overview will highlight trends in prescribing and medication regimen complexity for complex and vulnerable seniors. Additionally, it will reveal promising evidence in use of RxAnte’s Therapeutic Decision Support (TDS) Technology™ at Mosaic Pharmacy Service to address these challenges. Topics addressed will include:

  • The increasing health and adherence challenges for older adults
  • The significant opportunity for cost and pharmacy quality improvement within plans’ MAPD membership populations
  • The transformative role of a technology-enabled pharmacy partner in systematically identifying and improving regimens for complex and vulnerable plan members
  • The increase in adherence rates, regimen safety, and member satisfaction through use of Therapeutic Decision Support

For more information on Mosaic Pharmacy Service and how we can improve quality, cost, and simplicity of regimens for your most complex membership, contact us today.