Using our interactive tool, you can see the correlation between Star Ratings and medication adherence firsthand. Curious about how you stack up against similar plans? Set the measure-specific performance sliders to your plans’ Star Ratings to see how you compare.


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National MAPD Health Plan Adherence & Star Rating Performance 1

Achieving and sustaining 4 Star is challenging

  • Performing well on adherence-related measures is an indicator of a high-performing health plan. Plans that perform well on these key measures also tend to have higher overall quality ratings. Of MAPD plans that achieved overall 2021 Star Ratings of 4 or 5 Stars, 81% earned 4+ Stars on at least two of the four medication adherence and Statin Use in Persons with Diabetes (SUPD) measures.
  • Achieving and sustaining high adherence and Star Ratings is difficult. Fluctuating CMS cut points and consistent annual national improvement trends require plans to continuously innovate to meet these challenges.
    • There were fewer 4+ Star contracts for 2021 Stars compared to last year (49% for 2021 Star Ratings vs 53% for 2020 Star Ratings).
  • Improving on prior performance is another path to success. Even plans that are not high performing can positively impact their overall Star Rating scores by using a focused targeting and intervention strategy to drive significant year-over-year improvement in adherence.

Achieving improved medication adherence requires a dynamic approach that uses the most effective interventions for your unique member population. If improving medication use among your most at-risk members is not already the foundation of your quality improvement strategy, it should be.
Contact us to learn how targeting the right people at the right time can help you reach your medication adherence goals.

1. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Part C and D Performance Data,

2. CMS calculates the Star Rating based on data from two calendar years prior. For example, results from the 2021 Star Rating Year are based on data from calendar year 2019.