Predict. Decide. Learn.TM — this is the philosophy behind how RxAnte’s patented RxEffect platform has helped to transform the way our clients plan for and deploy targeted outreach for better member engagement. We understand quality improvement initiatives and patient engagement are dynamic processes that take place over the course of the year, and our purpose-built RxEffect platform reflects this reality. Having the right data and tools to inform outreach and to monitor performance are critical in achieving quality goals and proper care coordination. At RxAnte, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our clients access the information they need to improve their medication-related quality measures.

In our latest enhancement to our comprehensive medication adherence solution, RxAnte is proud to present “All Quality Improvement Patients” in our patented RxEffect® tool. This update enables seamless care coordination by tracking patients over the current calendar year. RxEffect, powered by our precise patient recommendation engine (patent pending), can now be the sole population management tool for medication-related quality improvement initiatives.

Here are a few ways the “All Quality Improvement Patients” update is helping our users achieve their quality improvement goals:

Improving efficiency and reducing the time required to prepare per-patient.

RxEffect maintains its emphasis on priority patient engagement by displaying clear recommendation statuses with its new “Patient Status” and “Measure Status” listed for each eligible patient. These statuses are updated daily to ensure precious outreach time is spent on the right patient and their most important opportunities for quality improvement.

Allowing for more informed patient conversation.

Notes, outcomes, and significant claims information are available to provide context in outreach, facilitate effective information-sharing, and assist in cross-team management. RxEffect is not only an effective outreach management tool, but can also assist in properly handling inbound calls, such as customer assistance and grievance management.

Making it easier to follow up with patients later.

Maintaining patients via the search tool and providing the most up-to-date patient information allows for seamless follow-up to occur.  Displaying patient level and measure level messaging provides extra information and context for each patient’s unique journey.

Keeping workflows intuitive.

Streamlined lists and patient-level recommendation statuses narrow user focus on a specific group of patients and help to reduce confusion as to where to find the most relevant patients.

Improving morale.

Patient history and interventions will now be tracked and displayed throughout the year. This means that users can track patients following outreach and monitor their positive improvements to medication adherence—even after outreach is complete.

RxAnte takes our clients’ and end-users’ feedback very seriously, and our latest update was driven by information we received from our users. We are pleased to offer this update and we are delighted by the improvement in patient care this will provide for our clients.

If you’re a health plan interested in learning more about RxEffect and how RxAnte can help you achieve your adherence measure goals, contact us.