This week in our RxEffect® series, we describe how the configurability of this workflow solution provides the opportunity to address several med-related quality measures; including those related to medication prescribing, safety, or adherence— including triple weighted measures, SUPD, and SPC opportunities.

Plans looking to achieve yearly growth in Part D Star Ratings are aware that population health and quality initiatives are constantly evolving. As new measures are developed and implemented in the CMS Star Ratings program, plans must adjust resources and staffing to meet these challenges. In addition to affecting members, this also affects pharmacy quality programs by:

  • Disrupting existing workflows:With a manual solution, it’s difficult for teams to quickly pivot to enable intervening on a new opportunity within a health plan population.
  • Reducing the effectiveness of outreach efforts:Not properly addressing new prescribing or medication safety opportunities limits the quality of care for patients.

How does RxEffect enable an agile and effective quality program?

Opportunities: Within your patient list, you can “dig in” to view active measures, the number of untreated days per year, and patients’ refill dates.

These important details are displayed in an easy-to-navigate section to maximize the effectiveness of each phone call. In addition to adherence opportunities, RxEffect also supports several prescription recommendation measures including SPC and SUPD.

Barriers: Understanding and tracking this information facilitates better conversations in the future.

Marking barriers for each therapy area enables more efficient outreach for you and other teammates who are conducting calls down the road.

Notices: This section consolidates helpful information into a single place to help provide the right context to drive behavior change on every call.

Would this member benefit from switching to a 90-day prescription? Is there an opportunity for this member to receive a mail order prescription to help reduce their number of missed days? Members’ opportunities, barriers, and notices update in real-time so the information is accurate each time it is accessed.

As a leader in the pharmacy quality improvement industry, RxAnte is always looking for new ways to help improve your medication-related quality measures.  We’re continuously innovating our solutions based on industry direction and client feedback to enable the most effective Part D adherence programs and quality of care.

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