Identifying at-risk Medicare members and intervening upon them is a complex undertaking – below is your path to improving program efficiency and effectiveness

The challenges of multi-channel interventions

As you maximize efforts in Q4 to engage every remaining in-play member, how do you effectively coordinate across multiple intervention channels – and how do you know if your efforts are effective? In working with Part D plans across the country, we find that many turn to a combination of in-house engagement teams and intervention vendors in order to achieve enough coverage to drive overall adherence improvement. This approach creates upfront coordination complexity and operational reporting challenges.

What is RxEffect and how can it help?

In use by thousands of health plan care managers and physician office staff today, RxEffect is our adherence workflow solution designed specifically to address these challenges. Using patented RxAnte analytics, RxEffect automates the distribution of member targeting lists to intervention teams across your organization and provides a visual, execution-focused user experience that delivers the right context to enable highly effective adherence outreach.

Deep Dive into the Workflow Solution for Health Plan Care Managers

Over the next several weeks, we’ll look closer at the features of RxEffect and how it enables health plans like yours to see adherence improvement of up to 8%. Key topics include:

1). Using RxAnte analytics to target the members most at risk for medication non-adherence, and distributing this target list to multiple intervention stakeholders.

2). Delivering real-time monitoring of each patient’s refill behavior, and continuously optimized call priority lists.

3). Solution configurability to address a wide range of measures related to prescribing, medication safety, or medication adherence including triple weighted measures, SUPD, and SPC opportunities.

4). Using operational performance reporting to improve intervention effectiveness across multiple callers/teams.

Getting started: Get on the path to overall program performance by learning how to rapidly deploy the industry’s most powerful intervention solution.

Join us each week as we dive into the specific benefits of RxEffect and walk through how the unique features of this platform enable you to see greater results in your Medicare Part D, HEDIS, or internal quality initiatives.

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