Deploy proven RxAnte-managed interventions as a component of our turnkey solution or to enhance your existing outreach strategy.

RxAnte interventions address the most significant obstacles to appropriate medication use.

Mosaic Pharmacy Service™️

Mosaic is a patient-centered pharmacy service designed to improve the medication use and health outcomes for medically complex and vulnerable Medicare members. Mosaic combines analytics-enabled care management, in-home care, and medication delivery to create a transformative pharmacy experience for health plans and their members.

Comprehensive pharmacy care management designed to identify and resolve barriers to medication use.

A new lever to improve adherence in polypharmacy members, including the triple-weighted Part D adherence measures.

New opportunities to reduce medication spending using analytics to systematically identify formulary compliance, generic efficiency, and deprescribing opportunities.

Improved patient satisfaction by offering a superior way to engage, intervene upon, and delight members.

How It Works

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RxEffect™: The Right Conversation at the Right Time

In use by more than 1,000 physician practices, pharmacies and health plan care management teams, RxEffect is the market-leading workflow solution for improving medication use.


  • Is powered by RxAnte analytics to ensure interventions are targeted to the right members at the right time
  • Enables near real-time monitoring of member refill behavior to enable rapid engagement and follow-up
  • Facilitates medication use outreach on Medicare Part C and D measures in order to maximize member touchpoint value
  • Efficiently manages interventions across multiple intervention teams and third-party vendors

Live Calls & Secure Text Messaging

Through our vendor partners, we provide interactive voice response (IVR) and pharmacist phone calls, and secure text messaging. These services are scalable, lower-cost alternatives to reach individuals for refill reminders and pharmacist consultation.

IVR offers members a warm transfer to their local pharmacy, while pharmacist phone calls through the RxAnte contact center provide members with the opportunity to address medication and adherence barrier concerns. Secure text communicates with members for refill reminders.

Vendor Management

Managing intervention delivery and performance monitoring presents a significant burden to health plans. RxAnte assists clients in strategy development and management of internal and external interventions.

We provide clients with simulations and assessments that incorporate their existing intervention resources to identify the optimal intervention mix based on their cost and quality goals, and help to continue monitoring their deployment and advise on modifications to these tactics to help clients achieve organizational goals.

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Not Just for Interventions

For Health Plans

By collaborating with RxAnte, our health plan clients find clarity and improvement in long-standing challenges like poor medication adherence and unclear drug value.

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For Providers

RxAnte offers solutions specific to the needs of health care providers, including an innovative platform that monitors, prioritizes, and informs patient outreach to ensure proper patient medication use.

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