Join Tori Erxleben-Rush, PharmD, of RxAnte, and Sapna Patel, RPh, of Mosaic Pharmacy Service at the AMCP Annual Meeting to learn how an analytics-backed pharmacy care management program is optimizing MAPD plan outcomes while transforming the pharmacy experience for medically complex plan members.

At RxAnte’s Science and Innovation Theater on March 31 at 11:15am, attendees will learn how population health analytics and an enhanced pharmacy care management model can meet an industrywide need to reduce medical utilization, improve measures of pharmacy quality, and enhance members’ pharmacy experience.

Topics will include:

  • The industry-wide trend of increasing medical complexity of MAPD plan membership
  • The process of identifying high-need plan members for enrollment into clinically intensive pharmacy care management programs
  • The distinct needs of medically complex plan members
  • How a pharmacy care management program works to improve outcomes for MAPD plans and their members
  • A case study highlighting the impact of the pharmacy model, including improved cost of care, improved adherence, and lower of out of pocket costs