Experts in Pharmacy Care Management

RxAnte is re-imagining how to improve medication use.

Our Mission

Get more from medicines using patented analytics and value-based pharmacy services.

Our Team

Our team comprises national experts hailing from highly influential institutions in both the private sector and academia.

Over time, executives at RxAnte have taken the lead or made significant contributions to more than 200 studies that have been published. A substantial number of these studies hold considerable influence in the medical literature, government policies, and the healthcare community.

Joshua S. Benner, PharmD, ScD

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Benner is Founder and CEO of RxAnte, a pioneering provider of advanced analytics, patented technology, and high-touch pharmacy services that get more from medicines.

Marc Wise


Mr. Wise is an experienced entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience growing, leading, and driving innovation in health care services companies.

Corbin Director

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Director is the Chief Financial Officer of RxAnte. He is responsible for RxAnte’s finance and accounting functions, as well as identifying and progressing potential new growth opportunities.

Loren Lidsky, MS

Co-Founder, & SVP Chief Analytics Officer

Before joining RxAnte, Mr. Lidsky was Director of Advanced Analytics at IMS Health and PharMetrics where he led a group responsible for study design, programming, statistical analysis, quality control, and reporting for all custom analytic projects.

Vijay Prabhakar

Chief Revenue Officer

Mr. Prabhakar serves as the Chief Revenue Officer at RxAnte, where he oversees revenue generation and growth strategies for the organization.

Eileen Casal

SVP, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer

Ms. Casal provides legal counsel on matters related to RxAnte's business and operations and also serves as Chief Privacy Officer and Corporate Secretary.

Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD

Chief Clinical and Scientific Advisor

Dr. Choudhry is the Chief Clinical and Scientific Advisor at RxAnte. He is an internist and health services researcher with his work focused on the development of novel strategies to improve health care quality for patients with diabetes and other common health conditions.

Amie Joyce, MPH

Senior Vice President, Head of Technology Operations

Ms. Joyce leads the Technology Operations team at RxAnte, focusing on innovative solutions to meet the demands of a dynamic client base. She is responsible for product development, IT operations and technology infrastructure and development supporting RxAnte products and services.

Patrick Baker, PharmD, MBA

SVP, General Manager at Mosaic Pharmacy Service

Mr. Baker is the Senior Vice President and General Manager at Mosaic Pharmacy Service, a subsidiary of RxAnte. Patrick is responsible for all pharmacy, clinical, and member engagement operations at Mosaic.

Jessica Frank, PharmD

Senior Vice President, Client Success

Dr. Frank is Senior Vice President of Client Success at RxAnte, a healthcare services company providing advanced analytics and pharmacy care management solutions for health plans. In her role, Dr. Frank provides strategic leadership for RxAnte’s Client Success team and guides product and service strategies to generate value for healthcare payers.

Stephen Jones, PhD

VP, Client Analytics

Dr. Jones leads RxAnte’s Advanced Analytics team, a cross-functional team responsible for providing scalable analytics and reporting solutions, product development support, evaluating strategic growth opportunities, and setting analytic strategies for our clients.

Dan Smith

VP, Data Science

Mr. Smith has more than twenty years of experience analyzing healthcare data. As VP of data science at RxAnte, he oversees a team of data scientists that develops products for our quality improvement programs and technology-enabled pharmacy service.

Adam Steinberg, MPH

VP, Data & Web Services

Mr. Steinberg has more than ten years of experience working in healthcare data management and designing data-driven systems. At RxAnte, he oversees a team of production specialists, data, and web developers who build and deliver scalable solutions.

Bret Yarrison

VP, IT Operations & Information Security Officer

Mr. Yarrison serves as the VP of IT Operations and Information Security Officer at RxAnte with over 20 years of experience in the IT operations and security fields.

Elizabeth Baldwin, MPH

VP, Client Success

Ms. Baldwin, a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry, serves as a key figure in the Client Services team, responsible for client implementation, delivery, and evaluation.

Keely Gillam

VP, Client Success

As Vice President of Client Success, Keely Gillam brings over 18 years of healthcare experience and a proven track record in client relationship management, healthcare analytics and consulting.

Bhumi Prajapati, MHA

VP, Member Engagement

Ms. Prajapati leads Member Engagement for RxAnte with her primary focus on patient enrollment for Mosaic Pharmacy Service, a subsidiary of RxAnte. In this role, Ms. Prajapati drives the strategic planning and execution for member and patient engagement, overseeing the dedicated teams that drive our business.

Anne Marie Sherwood

VP, Pharmacy Operations

Ms. Sherwood is VP of Pharmacy Operations at RxAnte with 30 years of experience in various aspects pharmacy operations. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organization.

Chad Means

VP, Head of Human Resources 

Mr. Means is a highly experienced HR executive with over 25 years of expertise in designing and implementing successful HR strategies.

Kristina Hess

Vice President, Corporate Controller

Ms. Hess develops and leads process improvement initiatives to enhance operating efficiencies within the finance organization across RxAnte.

Jim Ostapchenko, RPh, MBA

Vice President, Pharmacy Technology

Mr. Ostapchenko leads Pharmacy Technology for RxAnte, with a focus on product development for Mosaic Pharmacy Service, a subsidiary of RxAnte.

Thayer Montague

VP, Marketing

Mr. Montague is the VP, Marketing for RxAnte. With a relentless passion for enhancing patient engagement and transforming healthcare systems, he advocates for patient-centered care and embraces cutting-edge technologies to drive better outcomes.


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