Effective interventions target the right member at the right time to achieve improved medication adherence in a scalable way. One RxAnte client, a not-for-profit health plan covering 780K+ members, recognized this. They sought an opportunity to attain efficiencies in their drug therapy programs, improve adherence rates, and reduce medical costs from improved medication use. This made them a prime candidate for RxAnte’s workflow and analytics platform, RxEffect.

The achievements the health plan realized through RxEffect have translated into optimized workflows and improved fill rates among members reached by this platform.

Technology Purpose-Built to Impact Medication Adherence Rates

We recognize the biggest challenge of improving medication adherence is member behavior change; despite this reality, at times, behavior change is also needed inside the health plan—in the form of improving operational processes. This requires giving health plans the data and communication tools they need to effect real change.

In this scenario, the health plan used RxEffect in three key ways:

  • Eliminating competing workflows.
  • Improving timeliness and effectiveness.
  • Pulling data analysis and reporting into a unified platform to establish easier, faster end-user management.

Intervention Successes – Patient Fill Behavior and Operational Efficiencies

The health plan implemented RxEffect for the last two months of 2017. The platform streamlined workflows, identified the right members to contact, and coordinated pharmacy outreach.

The interventions led to improved operational efficiencies and increased member adherence.

Operational efficiencies included:

  • Maximized pharmacist time through predictive member targeting, rather than transactional late-to-fill calls.
  • Reallocation of two FTEs to clinical activities thanks to decreased administrative burden.
  • Enhanced process management and outreach timeliness.

Of members reached:

  • 51% converted to 90-day prescriptions (compared to 26% of those not reached); this helped the client achieve higher-than-ever 90-day fill rates.
  • 39% filled prescriptions the day they were reached (compared to 6% of those not reached).
  • Overall, medications were refilled at least 7.3 days earlier than among those not reached.

72% of those reached filled their prescriptions by year-end, while only 57% of those not reached filled their prescriptions by year-end.


Health Plans Can Change the Future of Medication Adherence

Using RxEffect to orchestrate interventions, customized to a client’s needs and target population, brings a new level of measurement and depth to medication adherence programs. In only two months, the client’s use of RxEffect drastically improved efficiencies within the adherence program, thereby improving the quality and quantity of outreach and increasing the quality of care patients receive.

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