Effective medication adherence strategies can help MAPD and other health plans realize business goals and simultaneously improve patient outcomes. Most plans, however, struggle to tackle the administrative and data-heavy needs that such strategies require. We worked with a client, a regional health plan, to overcome these obstacles with our customized platform: RxEffect.

Read the design, method, and results of the case study here.

Improved Workflow Scales Outreach and Interventions

With the RxEffect platform, we are able to significantly improve and operationalize outreach. It automates and produces the adherence program reports that health plans need, and leads to efficiencies across everything from manual processes to real-time monitoring. As a result, workflows become scalable, and administrative burdens are relieved – freeing pharmacists and physicians up to get valuable time back.

“39% of members reached filled prescriptions on the day they were reached. Compare this to a same-day fill rate of only 6% among members not reached.”

Analytics Powering Plan Performance

In this particular case, RxEffect caused the health plan’s targeted members to refill their prescriptions more than a week sooner than those not reached. The platform gathers and utilizes member data, identifying and prioritizing which members not only need, but are also most likely to benefit from, interventions.

Exceeding Expectations

In short, using the platforms for just two months was able to streamline the process and improve adherence rates. It’s clear that health plans need comprehensive, data-based medication adherence solutions. RxEffect is that solution – and the findings went beyond medication adherence. Read the full case study to find out how.