This month, Josh Benner, Founder and CEO of RxAnte, talked with Jill Murphy of Pharmacy Focus, a Pharmacy Times health podcast, in Episode 20, titled Medication Misuse and the Future of Pharmacy.

Medication misuse

In this latest episode, Josh touches on notable topics related to med misuse–particularly over the past year, including:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of CMS relaxing limits on medication fill frequency
  • The economic impact of the pandemic and influences on medication fill behavior among under-insured patients
  • The evolving role of the pharmacist and ability to resolve longstanding barriers to adherence–particularly cost

The Future of Pharmacy in 2021

This episode of the podcast additionally highlights the role of technology in helping the pharmacist make simpler, safer medication regimens for individuals on complex regimens. In particular, Josh highlights the role technology like Mosaic Pharmacy Service’s Therapeutic Decision Support, and its ability to:

  • Readily recommending lower-cost medication alternatives
  • Advising the pharmacist and patient on phases of coverage (particularly for Medicare Advantage members approaching the coverage gap)
  • Reducing regimen complexity and improving safety to ultimately improve medication adherence

Listen to the full episode of the Pharmacy Focus Podcast here.