If your team’s member targeting approach involves monitoring ongoing member fill rates and managing a spreadsheet or two, you are not alone. On the maturity scale of adherence programs, many plans remain in this phase because it works just well enough to drive outbound calling. But there are downsides to this approach:

  • Mis-targeted interventions: Using a trailing proportion of days covered (PDC) to target members fails to take into account their future likelihood of sustained medication adherence and how also how likely they are to be receptive to an intervention. The risk of targeting even a few wrong members can result in wasted intervention dollars and lower overall program effectiveness.
  • Wasted administrative time: As your MAPD population grows, this task becomes more burdensome. How many hours per week are spent on managing and distributing lists of members via spreadsheets?

So how does the RxAnte Stars Solution help with this?

1). Patented, accurate member targeting analytics. Members in need of an intervention reside at the intersection of risk, receptivity, and urgency.

This means that each targeted member: 1) is identified as a non-adherence risk based upon several factors including prior medication use and regimen complexity; 2) is likely to be receptive to an intervention based upon attempt history and other factors; 3) urgently needs the intervention to maintain the requisite fill days for the triple-weighted adherence measures.

The result? You can ensure that highly accurate member targeting won’t waste your intervention budget on members who will either be adherent on their own, or are unlikely to ever become adherent despite any intervention.

2). Automated list distribution. Rather than manually sorting multiple lists and using several systems, our solution prioritizes and distributes member targets to each intervention stakeholder each week.

From there, intervention resources are poised to make each call matter by using RxEffect to direct their outbound live calls.

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