In the previous weeks, we’ve demonstrated the specific benefits of RxEffect and how its unique features enable you drive your Medicare Part D (and Part C!) Star Ratings and simplify your member outreach workflow.

In our final post of the series, we describe how RxEffect delivers operational reports that give you daily insight into your intervention performance and help avoid common pitfalls such as:

Duplicate efforts

Emailing spreadsheets between team members? Manual reporting across multiple teams creates the risk for error and administrative waste.

Reduced effectiveness

Have your teams/vendor partners deployed 100% of expected interventions this week? Were they able to intervene on all adherence and prescribing opportunities? Creating pre-populated reports provides access to the most important data so your team can focus their attention on providing the best quality outreach to members.

RxEffect simplifies your reporting needs

Patient Summary Reports: From your home dashboard, you can access a snapshot of your week’s activities.

With an easy-to-access breakdown of your week’s actions, you can readily view where you spend the majority of your time and which adherence opportunities and notices were the most prevalent.  This intuitive section allows you to compare your team members’ priority lists for the week. Instead of manually exporting data from multiple systems and recreating a similar visual each week, our platform allows you to save valuable time so you focus your efforts on improving the effectiveness of each call.

Program Reporting: Weekly reports allow you to compare your team’s progress to other divisions utilizing RxEffect within your organization.

Within the reporting tab, you can access and export reports to show executives how your team is performing on adherence and prescribing opportunities. Additionally, you can view important summaries on reported barriers, contact reports, and other internal initiatives such as MTM CMR progress.

As a well-seasoned leader in medication adherence solutions, RxAnte continues to provide new and innovative ways to maximize your improvement in medication-related quality measures. Plans who have utilized our platform have achieved overall population-level adherence of up to 6% through RxEffect. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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