In week two of the RxEffect Series, we will address the challenges that plans face when delivering real-time monitoring of their patients. Make sure to check back next week as we continue to cover key benefits to deploying the industry’s most powerful intervention solution, RxEffect.

A common challenge we hear is how to ensure you are utilizing the most updated information to have the most effective conversations with patients. Despite best efforts, your team may not be aware of changes in patient fill behavior if they are not updated in real-time.  This can result in:

  • Inaccurate or outdated information: By solely relying on a weekly manual list, you can miss new adherence opportunities that have emerged based on today’s fill information. Not only does this create a gap in patient care, but it reduces the trust you have in the list that you’re utilizing to facilitate conversations with patients.
  • Inefficient workflows: Not leveraging the most updated claims data creates more manual work for your team. This not only affects the limited time and resources that you have, but it potentially reduces the effectiveness of your outreach.

Why RxEffect can help address this issue: 

Patient Highlights and History: Allows you to see a quick overview of pertinent information such as which adherence medications are overdue, the date of their last refill, and when the patient was last contacted and how (i.e. live call, automated call, or a text).

Powered by our analytics and daily claims, you can access real-time monitoring of each patient’s fill behavior. This ensures that new adherence risks are not missed so you have a better chance of improving patient outcomes each week.

Continuously optimized Patient List: Leveraging the most accurate claims data allows the system to instantaneously update based on fill behavior for that day so you can ensure your outreach efforts are never stale.

The current opportunities that exist for patients will update in real-time so your prioritized list is accurate each time. This real-time monitoring capability empowers you to have more confidence in your conversations, enabling better quality care for your patients. See how we have successfully proven the way clients can leverage the power of real-time monitoring to impact their adherence efforts.

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